West Coast Concrete is the recognized leader in decorative concrete, stamped concrete and custom seamless flooring. We are highly skilled and experienced in the application of: concrete overlays, stamped concrete, concrete coatings, concrete repair, colored concrete, acid stained concrete, concrete toppings, concrete floors,  architectural concrete finishes, concrete surface restoration, concrete protection, concrete enhancement, precast, concrete wall finishes, concrete stains, concrete sealers, industrial epoxy flooring and much more.

 West Coast Concrete has project planners with decades of experience in selecting the right concrete product for your project. Our services include decorative concrete and flooring specification writing, technical support and planning assistance.

For Design Professionals, Architects and Specifiers:

  •  Consultants to assist in the planning and design of your projects.
  •  Sample of any finish, option or system.
  •  Color charts, etc.
  •  Technical Data, specification sheets and product data.
  •  Spec writing service.
  •  Onsite project review.

Beautify your business and increase your customer base

The condition of flooring in Commercial and Industrial facilities must pass several important tests:

  • Are the floors visually attractive? Customers judge your business by the condition of your floors.
  • Are the floors strong and able to withstand high traffic?
  • Are the floors safe and slip-resistant? Do they a provide high-traction surface for customer safety and to avoid potential slip-and-fall litigation?
  • Are the floors cost-effective and simple to maintain?

If your commercial or industrial flooring does not meet all these criteria, you’re missing out on opportunities to save time and increase revenue, improve safety and enhance your image with your customers.

We Provide Professional Grade Solutions:

You will find our flooring solutions in virtually every industry. Just a few examples include:

  • National Retail Stores such as Walmart
  • Transportation hubs
  • Retail Warehouses
  • National Restaurant Chains such as Jack-In-The-Box
  • Garages and Auto Repair Shops
  • High End Hotels and Motels
  • Factory Flooring

Cost Effective Professional Solutions:

DECORATIVE CONCRETE & DESIGN An ideal solution for commercial and industrial facilities searching for a low cost solution with a high perceived value.:

Stamped Concrete. This can be applied as part of new concrete installation or as concrete overlay. Stamped concrete gives the look of real stone, slate, cobblestone, or brick, with almost unlimited surface designs to choose from.

Polished Concrete. We grind new or resurfaced concrete to create a high-gloss, maintenance free floor!

Acid Staining. A great alternative to tile, wood, and even carpet inside the home, acid stained floors can be cleaned, stained and buffed to a high shine for easy maintenance and durability. we highly recommend polishing the concrete, especially in high-traffic areas.

Colored Sealer. A solvent-based sealer that provides a long-lasting, durable and decorative finish on exterior concrete and masonry. Silicone Concrete Sealer is available in a variety of ready-to-use and tintable colors, as well as clear.

Spray Deck Overlay. The ultimate cover-up for unsightly, dull concrete. Spray-Deck adds a beautifully textured vibrant finish to any existing concrete surface. Spray-Deck’s beautiful texture also renders the surface non-skid, making it perfect for pool decks, patios, and high traffic areas.

Spray Deck Cover-Up. This concrete sprayed over existing concrete is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It can cover up existing problems, such as cracks (after proper repair)and general imperfections.

Stain Sealer Overlay. This is a great general use option. This concrete stain in available in a variety of colors and can be applied to all concrete surfaces. Another great feature of DECORATIVE CONCRETE &  stain sealer overlay is if you need to renew the color in a few years, reapplying stain actually combines the existing sealer and will blend with the new creating a more durable finish; more so than just a paint over.

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