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Posted: 29th June 2011 by West Coast Concrete in Tilt Up Construction
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West Coast Concrete specializes in high quality tilt-up concrete construction. Our team of professionals have 40 years combined experience successfully completing tilt-up projects worth millions of dollars combined.

All of our personnel has been carefully selected for their experience and dedication to quality. We have top quality foremen and the skilled personnel available to budget, schedule, and build your concrete tilt-up project effectively. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.


Our team of professionals believe As with any project, the key to success is thorough planning. Planning begins with evaluating the site. We evaluate the site with an eye toward slab layout and the movement of materials and equipment around the slab. We then plan out the pouring and erection sequence relative to the site and floor plan of the building to identify potential problems


Once planning is complete, construction can begin. Our experience comes into play determining whether paid footings, spread footings our pier footings will be the best choice for your project. Tilt_8

Footing locations, heights, and dimensions are checked and verified for correctness. This eliminates expensive crane time if modifications must be made while a panel is suspended over an incorrect plate or footing. Our careful attention to detail also saves from interruptions to the construction schedule.


There are several ways to form individual panels. tilt-craneOne way is to form the perimeter of a series of panels, then use 1x or 2x strips to divide the area into panels. Advantages of this method include less forming and reduced forming lumber costs. Close joint tolerances from panel to panel can be maintained since adjacent panels share a form.

A variation of this method is to cast a large slab, then saw joints into the slab to form individual panels after the concrete has been troweled.

Our team of experts will determine the best method to use in your project with your specific needs and considerations in mind.


It is popular to impart a pattern or texture to the face of Tilt-Up panels using reveal strips. Typically, these strips are anchored to the base slab tiltup_constructionafter side forms are erected, but before reinforcement is placed. This surface treatment must be carefully planned and executed, but the results are striking. A reveal strip that is 1 inch off is difficult to correct once the panel is erected. That is why it is so important to bring in a team of professionals like West Coast Concrete to ensure that your project is completed properly, the first time. 


The steel grid for reinforcing Tilt-Up panels is typically tied in-place after the side forms are erected. Standard Grade 40 or 60 bars are used. We recommend the use of plastic support chairs instead of steel chairs to avoid rust on the panel face. If steel chairs must be used, use a type that is plastic-tipped.


Embeds can be attached to the side forms if they are on the panel edges, TiltUp9or they can be wired to the reinforcing. Inserts provide the attachment points for lifting hardware and braces.  If there is a field change in panel size, opening location, or other conditions, the insert supplier should be contacted to confirm the location and selection of hardware.


West Coast Concrete uses the direct chute placement method as it is the most economical but should the situation call for it we are also experienced in the pumping and bucket placement method. As with other types of concrete construction, we always must plan for the unexpected. If the weather will be cold, we have insulation blankets ready. If it looks like rain, we will have a suitable covering material available. Being a Las Vegas based company we know all about Hot and Windy days, we are prepared to cure the panels by water misting or by applying a suitable curing compound.


As we said earlier, our team believes firmly the key to success is planning. We layout the erection sequence well in advance, and then review again immediately before panel erection. In addition, we thoroughly review safety procedures with all Tilt-Up crew members to help prevent accidents.


Common sandblasted or exposed aggregate finishes can be done immediately after panel erection. Painting,must wait until partial curing has taken place

pic1Most Tilt-Up concrete panels have an uneven or splotchy appearance when first stripped. These splotches usually fade after time. Sandblasting eliminates most of these inconsistencies. Washing also can improve appearance, but most Tilt-Up panels are eventually painted.

Textured paints can be used for special effects. Banding or striping is a popular technique to produce variety and interest in Tilt-Up buildings. Reveals or recesses cast into the panel often are painted a contrasting or darker color for accent. The final effect is eye-catching and very popular.


We appreciate the opportunity to be considered for your upcoming tilt-up concrete project. You can trust our decades of knowledge and experience. Should you have any questions or want further information call us toll-free 866-267-9168.