West Coast Concrete draws on decades of experience to assess the cause of the problem, which repair method would be best to use and which repair system best to employ.

Assess the damage:

Before taking on a concrete repair project it is important to asses the reasons for concrete damage. Is the damage structural or superficial? Is the damage local or widespread? Is there damage to the reinforcing steel? We understand the responsibility involved when taking on structural repair work and we are fully equipped and experienced to take on the challenge. We employ the latest evaluation techniques to fully determine the extent and severity of the damage. Paying this much attention to the details allows us to decide the best possible course of action and ensures that our concrete repair work will be a long lasting quality solution.

Our experienced professionals ask the right questions to get the desired results

Repair methods:

One size does not fit all in the world of concrete repair. West Coast Concrete draws upon experience and knowledge to select the right solutiontruck  for your project. We are well experienced in the methods of foundation repair (slab jacking, piering), crack repair, crack injection, concrete patch, underlayments to level and smooth concrete floors, concrete overlays and concrete resurfacing. 

Repair Systems:

Our professionals believe that before you begin a concrete repair project you have to ask the right questions to get the desired results. What is of greater importance to the project, compressive strength or flexural strength? Do time and budget concerns allow for use of a one-part material or can a two-component material be used?

We also consider dimensional characteristics of the repair material itself: shrinkage and thermal coefficients need to be considered to avoid issues with drying shrinkage. Will the material need to be freeze-thaw resistant?equipment Water vapor transmissions need to be considered, water vapor can easily debond many repair materials. 

Our experts factor the benefits of all the various materials and systems as well as their cost. We then implement the best solution for your project.


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