Concrete cutting is our specialty. West Coast Concrete provides a huge array of concrete cutting services. Our crew of experienced operators and our large roster of quality equipment is on-call for projects of any size. As a contractor who specializes in concrete cutting, we can save you serious time and money by getting the job done right, the first time.

All size cutting jobs big or small. We’ll get the job done safely . On Time and On Budget.


Residential Concrete Cutting Services:cutting concrete slab 1

Whether you need a core hole drilled through a concrete column or a doorway cut into your concrete wall, we are experienced and equipped to accommodate all your concrete projects. We feature highly trained operators using the latest concrete cutting equipment to ensure that your project gets done right, the first time. Contact our project planners at 866-267-9168 and receive a free project quote.

Commercial Concrete Cutting Services:

We are a full self-performing contractor with the latest equipment to satisfy the particulars of your project. We feature Flat Saws or Slab Saws with the capability to cut up to 20 inches in depth.

When your project calls for cutting service to be performed inside a structure we feature Electric Saws allowing us to get the job done without releasing dangerous fumes.

For high powered concrete cutting, our Diesel Saws are the tool of choice. We are able to perform your most demanding concrete cutting jobs. “Clean Diesel” saws also allow us to perform heavy duty cutting services inside of buildings with minimal exhaust being released.


Saw Cutting:


Electric Concrete Saw – Level 1 1”- 7” Depth
Electric Flat Saw – Level 2 8”- 10” Depth
Diesel Concrete Saw – Level 1 1”- 7” Depth
Diesel Concrete Saw – Level 2 8”- 12” Depth
Diesel Concrete Saw- Level 3 13”- 15” Depth
Concrete Wall Saw – Level 1 1”- 12” Depth
Concrete Wall Saw – Level 2 13”- 15” Depth

Special Capabilities: Saw cutting capacities of 32 x 28 in. & 62 x 62 in. band saws.

Contact Us: 866-267-9168




Diamond Concrete Cutting:

Diamond Chainsaw and worker Diamond Chainsaw
Cup Wheel Grinding
Diamond Wall Saw
Electric Flat Saw
Clean Diesel Saw
Plunge Saw

Contact Us: 866-267-9168


  • Concrete Breaking: WEST COAST CONCRETE has the full range of breaking equipment from chipping guns and jackhammers to hydraulic rams on bobcats, backhoes and excavators. Experienced operators break everything from small duct openings to pillars and footings.
  • Removal & Excavation: WEST COAST CONCRETE removes all debris.



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